Tuesday, August 16, 2016

What's in a name?

Sailors are superstitious. One of their superstitions has to do with changing the name of a vessel. It's considered bad luck. There even are ceremonies for removing an old name from a boat and christening it with a new name. I'm not superstitious but I may conduct one of the ceremonies anyway. What could it hurt?

So as far as I can tell my Sovereign 7M has had several names. The boat spend most of its life on lakes in Louisiana. The first name I encountered was "Drifter", which it had during the 80s.

Then an owner that also owns a Tea Shop near Hammond Louisiana, renamed her "Tea Time".

A subsequent owner, this one in Miami, changed it again, this time to "Katie's Drifter". From his Facebook page it looks like he wanted to honor his mother and also return to its previous name.

The guy I bought it from in Miami named it "Savannah" but never put a name on the boat during the year he owned it.

And now that I own it, I am naming it "Little Gypsy".  The name  is a tribute to my late father in-law. He had a large sailboat named "Gitana" which means "Gypsy" in Spanish. So as a gift to my wife, I named this one "Little Gypsy" in English.

I designed the name at the top of this blog bought the vinyl letters to apply to the hull on one side. Still haven't decided which side. I'm thinking starboard.

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